Freelance digital designer & full-stack web developer

Floating Digital Professional - getting things done since 1999

I have worked in the digital industry for 20 years. In that time I've been many things: Designer, Developer, the multimedia "Flash Guy", Creative Director, Sys-admin and all-round problem solver. My skills are varied to say the least, I can take a few ideas sketched on a napkin to a stable live product.

I now live and work on a Dutch Barge on the river Avon, betwen Bath and Bristol. Web development is my main focus, including WordPress Theme & Plugin development, more specialised web application development using CodeIgniter or Laravel PHP frameworks, and I'm just delving into world of rective javascript frameworks, focusing on Vue.JS and making native Windows and Mac applications using Electron

Some keywords for the technically minded:

My previous clients include some small and some very big brands – from some local Somerset cheesemakers and a neighbour who makes really good cakes to bigger names like HP, IBM, McAfee, Kensington, SAP, American Express, SusTrans and British Airways. Some examples are available in my Portfolio (which I admit is a bit out-of-date, contact me for some more recent work references).

Alongside this, I offer timelapse photography, animation and video editing, I develop and run a education performance management product, and I like to travel (usually on a bike but sometimes in a big old army Land Rover called Mandrake).

Above all else I enjoy finding innovative solutions all kinds of problems – creative, technical, business or just plain impossible.

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